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hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. let's check in with mike. whole day week find out what is going on. good morning. nice to see you. live doppler 7 hd maybe nice to see that we don't have much in the way of radar returns other than this blip in the northwest corner of sonoma county. otherwise the sprinkles have moved east. best chance of rain to the north today. storm track has moved temporarily north stray shower may roam into sonoma, northern napa, today dry, cloudy, upper 50s coast, low to mid 60s for the rest of us. happy monday. following your traffic here in the traffic center all of that happening now. live shot of the san mateo bridge quiet now, early morning no problems on the east or westbound span. golden gate bridge quiet no
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roadwork, no fog, clear, no delays if you are traveling southbound into san francisco. we have a nice drive if you are heading towards antioch, under 15 minutes now from antioch in the westbound direction. eastbound 580 roadwork until 11:00 this morning. westbound drive is looking good. san jose police hope a reward will help entice the community to help them catch a second robber in a violent crime spree that killed an innocent bystander and injured an officer. kira klapper is at the san jose police department. >> reporter: good morning. the police officers association is offering a $10,000 reward, hoping someone can lead them to the accomplice of jonathan wilbanks together they went on a violent crime spree he's already under arrest, police are looking for his partner crime.
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they don't have a name or description both were said to be wearing ski masks. it began before 7:30 friday night when they robbed a little caesar's on story road, then a gas station, an hour after that a jack-in-the-box. police say the pair didn't hurt anyone until they reached the 7-eleven, where they shot and killed 22-year-old campbell resident in an attempted carjacking. police spotted the pair, the pair initiated a shootout with officers. one officer was grazed at the hip by a bullet before thened up catching wilbanks. the reward is rare. >> this is not something that is done routinely. these are extraordinary circumstances, two of our officers barely walked away with their lives. >> reporter: we hope to learn more later this morning when police hold a press conference
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at 9:30, hoping to learn if they have any leads if that $10,000 reward has led them to any information. we'll have an update on abc7 news at 11 a.m.. kira klapper, abc7 news. 4:33. the man accused of killing seven in a mass shooting at an oakland university is scheduled to be back in court today. a judge is holding a hearing to determine if one go is mentally competent to -- if one goh is mentally competent to stand trial. police say he admitted he did it because he was angry at the school for refusing to refund his tuition. today two court appointed psychiatrists are expected to submit results of their he val weighing of his mental state. demonstrators planning to -- protest in front of the israeli consulate in san francisco this afternoon
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over the escalating conflict in gaza. palestinians continue to fire more than 100 rockets into israel overnight, israel retaliated. two homes were destroyed in gaza city, killing four, wounding 42. israeli leaders are preparing to ramp up military operations, egyptian security officials say an israeli envoy is in cairo for talks on a cease-fire. katie marzullo will have a live report in our next half hour. president obama is in cambodia in morning. he will taken the east asia summit with secretary of the city hillary clinton. the president arrived from myanmar where he addressed students. mr. obama is the first sitting u.s. president to visit myanmar and encouraged the country to continue its transition towards democracy. hearing will focus on
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muni's performance and maintenance, buses, trains and light rail are suffering from poor maintenance, lack of investment and most of all, issues with reliability. in august muni had an on-time rate of 57%. muni is considering a 6 1/2 million dollar plan give free rides to students. weiner says the money should be used to improve reliability. workers at port of oakland planning 24 hour strike beginning 9:00 tonight they've again 16 months without a new contract. the union says port management is demanding cuts, throw it has a surplus of 37 million dollars. the strike is set to kickoff at the airport terminal. >> union nurses planning a 24 hour strike against a number of hospitals. the 7th strike since september
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of last year, second this month over a long standing contract dispute the one-day strikes usually a lock-out of four days or more administrators hire replacements for five-day periods. this morning hostess will begin the process of liquidating the company. hostess lawyers will be in bankruptcy court in new york to ask for permission to begin selling off the company. financial experts believe another company will buy the ding-dong, ho-ho and twinkie portion of hostess. the company decided to liquidate after a contract offer was refused. new concern for raiders' fans who fear the team might again consider moving to southern california pasadena considering hosting a team in the rose bowl stadium. the stadium is home to college football's annual rose bowl
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game. today the pasadena city council will hold a public hearing to bring an nfl team to the city on a temporary basis. raiders have not been specifically mentioned there are rumors the raiders may consider relocating. sacred heart needs your help, the charity needs 1500 turkeys to meet its thank day goal. -- meet its thanksgiving day goal. sacred heart begins handing out holiday boxes this morning. amy hollyfield is in san jose now talking with organizers. she will have an update in the next half hour. we invite you to be part of the abc7 share your holiday food drive on -- we broadcast live from around the bay area. for more information and location nearest you, go to
4:38 am and click on -- >> sorry about the coughing. people say when the weather changes quickly people are more likely to get sick. certainly we've seen flip-floppy weather. >> we have. with this is time to invest in cough drop companies. >> sure, why not. give me some, what do they call that initial money? >> start-up. >> thank you. >> seed money. >> that will work too. live doppler, everything is quiet, cloud cover out there visibility unlimited in the horizontal plain in vertical, a lot of cloud cover on top of us, no fog yet possibility with nearly calm conditions in our valleys, southeast wind just a breath at six miles per hour oakland three sfo six half moon bay three mountain view, seven in san jose.
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mild flow out of the south will push temperatures from the low 50s this morning to the mid and upper 50s by launch to low to mid 60s by 4:00 except coast where most of you won't escape 50s, mild evening in the upper 50s best chance of shower rogue shower across the north bay during the day today. better chance of all of us having showers tomorrow evening through wednesday morning. scattered showers wednesday afternoon, extended period of dry weather going to start on thanksgiving with temperatures away from the coast in the mid 60s. quiet out there this mondayó morning we like that. san jose 87 northbound a few cars headed past hp pavillion, no problems. macarthur maze light on 880 coming into the mazeor 580 or 80 westbound, -- no problems, bay bridge toll, into metering lights, no issues light into
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san francisco no problems upper deck or incline. drive times heading out now, 580 altamont pass, roadwork eastbound between north greenville and north flynn, due to be picked up 11:00 this morning. drive out of antioch good towards concord under 20 minutes east shore freeway smooth ride under 20 minutes as you drive into the macarthur maze. we saw the toll plaza, no problems there. >> time now is 4:40. toxic danger an environmental group says is still covering neighborhood around the chevron refinery in richmond. bishop of the san jose diocese apologizes for the controversy involving a convicted child molester. kx;ñ;ñx
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beautiful picture of the embarcadero center holiday season kicked off last friday with the opening of the skating rink. head on down and enjoy holiday weather, today not so much in the 60s. new this morning, the chemical fallout from the richmond refinery fire my coat your yard and vegetable garden three months after the fire. environmental group found high levels of cancer-causing hydrocarbons in five of the eight samples taken from different areas near the refinery. dusted dirt samples across nine miles were tested by a lab smoke from that august 6th, fire blanketed much of the bay area. chevron questions the results saying health officials took air samples during the fire
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and found no significant risks. the bishop of the san jose diocese apologizing for fail give written permission for a convicted sex offender to volunteer at a children's festival. a parent recognized him as a sex offender while he was volunteering at the st. francis catholic school festival last month. day deputy responded but couldn't arrest him because he had written permission from a church official to be there. the mercury news reports bishop mcgraff told parishioners he would do everything in his power to make sure it doesn't happen again. he said i'm deeply troubled and an moll this policy was not followed and added an investigation into the matter is underway at the diocese level. one of the earliest starts ever and shaping in the bay area. next, why so many people are already in line for those black friday deals and why it
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could be a waste of time. special invitation to the white house today. the special honor a bay area youth group is getting in a few hours bññcñ?x1@ú?
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welcome back. 4:47. if you are heading you are going to run into rain and real high elevation snow stray shower or two around tahoe mostly cloudy there today and 47. increasing sunshine and warmth as you head to the south. 78 in palm springs. north we could have rain and chico, reading, 61, definitely wet in eureka, 59. 4:48. this morning three bay area boaters are thankful for good
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samaritans who saved them from their capsizing boat half mile from pillar point in half moon bay yesterday. group of fishermen rescued two from the water. harbor master picked up a third person clinging to the small boat. coast guard says the three suffered from exposure did not appear to have serious injuries. believe it or not, people are already camping out at some bay area stores to get black friday bargains. in pinole, -- >> reporter: outside the front door of the best buy in pinole, the earliest the store says anyone has camped out. it is supposed to rain this week. >> we have umbrellas and a cover over our tent, we are okay. >> reporter: the first one in lane right next to her is her daughter. this is what they do every thanksgiving. >> my daughter never sat at home and this thanksgiving dinner in the house we have it in the parking lot every year. >> reporter: she waited in a
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line like this 16 years ago holding her then three-month-old daughter it has been their family tradition ever since. there's something comfortable at sitting -- about sitting at the table. >> something comfortable sitting in the cold waiting for a deal. >> reporter: if you think this sounds loopy, here's perspective from a psychologist. >> holidays about families creating their own unique tradition that is really unique but i bet they are not alone. >> reporter: she is correct in line behind her is vanessa. >> my brother said for us to get out here because he wanted to be first in line that's what we are doing. >> reporter: there are already lines in front of stories in florida, wisconsin and southern california. according to numbers by the "wall street journal" standing in line like this for a deal come black friday is not your best option to get a good deal. according to their research,
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the average lowest price for a (r flat screen is in october. in pinole, i'm sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> before you begin your black friday shopping check out, we've compiled a list of stores opening thanksgiving day you can browse all the ads, you will find the information under see it on tv. >> nice of sergio to confirm what some of us already knew. >> with an ah-ha on top of it. >> a lot of people have already made their get away more this week, rainy or dry for them? >> both. if they are leaving today, dry. if you are waiting until the last minute, tuesday into wednesday, a little wet. beautiful picture outside right now back from vollmer peak towards the embarcadero center, just a gorgeous start
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to the day. live doppler 7 hd, quiet now. picking up a drying trend as we look outside. we have a southerly wind, a lot of moisture waiting for fog to form, clouds are going to be stubborn today, low to mid 50s except 49 in los gatos, more 40s around the monterey bay chillier there. we'll try to put kristen's question into a timetable that you can deal with. mainly cloudy today showers across the north bay, rogue shower at best rain tuesday into wednesday, dry the remainder of the forecast. for highs today, mainly in the low to mid 60s everywhere except for the coast upper 50s to near 60. monterey bay in the low to mid 60s mainly mid to upper 60s inland. guess what is in town today? monday night football at
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candlestick, the bears, come on eric, eric! >> i'm sorry the bears. >> he's working sorry. candlestick park, 60° at 5:30, 9:00, 57° maybe he has bratwurst he's eating. tonight upper 40s to low 50s inland upper 40s to mid 50s bay and coast sprinkle or two possible north bay tonight. cold front coming down, high pressure trying to hold on to our south rain stays north today as we head towards the afternoon just a stray shower possible in sonoma county, more stray showers possible tuesday before we get to the main bulk of the wet weather which will start to move into the north bay around the evening rush and see how slowly it spreads across the rest of the bay wednesday morning scattered showers wednesday afternoon. tuesday night into wednesday
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afternoon, a real healthy rain up north half inch to an inch, the rest of us about a quarter of an inch tops not nearly as impressive as the system we just dealt with. low to mid 60s everyday, one or two days away from the coast upper 60s drier friday, saturday and sunday. san rafael, out of novato past freitas parkway into central san rafael, tail lights past the civic center, everybody at the limit both directions through marin. golden gate bridge out of waldo tunnel, light, still don't have the four lanes down just to two southbound they will be reconfiguring that. getting busier on the san mateo bridge from clawiter and the toll westbound towards foster city, a little brake lights left towards the highrise still a nice drive both directs of your san mateo bridge.
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new stall westbound four at cummings skiway, nice drive out of antioch towards the pittsburg area eastbound 580 roadwork until 11:00 westbound drive looking good. 4:54. east bay community honoring the memory of a local marine killed in afghanistan. he was 19-years-old when he died a year ago. a memorial to joshua has been established in danville at the veterans building community support has helped his parents get through a difficult year. >> the community has gone over and above what i think is normal in supporting us, loving us, and showing up for fundraisers and just letting us know how they have honored our son's life. >> they say joshua's death should remind everyone we
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still have military serving overseas and they deserve our support. major merger this morning, cisco systems buying maroki for 1.2 billion dollars it lefts customers manage mobile devices from the cloud from the internet instead of having to install programs on laptops or phones. analysts see this as a big step. san francisco may be shedding some of its anything goes image when it comes to public knew did board scheduled to vote on ordinance to prohibit nudity in most public places for anyone five and up, supporters say public nudity has gotten out of hand in some parts of the city critics say the law will infringe on freedom of expression. four students have won the rode's scholarship to attend -- road's scholarship to
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attend oxford in england. -- they will study for two years. prominent rhodes scholars include, bill clinton, and former senator bill bradley. members of an oakland youth program will be at the white house to receive award from the first lady youth radio teaches young adults about media skills how to make a video music production and broadcast journalism. >> >> radio is a way, positive way for young people to number one, take that time away from those areas and learn a skill and find their creative niche,
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their artistic niche. >> the ceremony takes place 11:00 our time. next, the powerful group adding its muscle to the efforts to get the warriors to move across the bay. she is unstoppable on the football field. how that national, 9-year-old running sensation has conquered the hearts of the 49ers.
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